Orion GBSC provides a broad suite of business sustainability services, all proven through prior experience. Unlike many consultants, who learn about business sustainability while working on your assignment, Orion GBSC already has vast experience delivering on requirements just like yours.


Clients can seek “light touch” engagement to help them move to a new business sustainability level or to “kick the tires” prior to a more involved engagement with Orion GBSC. Or clients may seek a deeper initial engagement to help them more quickly and cost effectively develop/ refine a comprehensive, focused, relevant strategy and to create/refine a financially responsible, environmentally and socially impactful implementation plan that all stakeholders will value.


Clients sometimes engage Orion GBSC proactively, and other times they engage Orion GBSC when they need to respond to external challenges presented by a stakeholder.


Examples of consulting services we offer include the following, along with a potential scenario for the service.


Don’t see what you need? Just ask us about it – we’ve got lots more experience than that highlighted below.

Advisory Services

A company has an existing sustainability direction, and seeks 3rd party expertise to help strengthen its direction, business case, implementation plan, results, and/or reporting. It may also want help in engaging and aligning senior management on the case for change. Services could be either project or retainer based.


Risk Assessment / Prioritization Strategy Development

Orion GBSC’s deep insights into all business sustainability impact categories enables a more rigorous and credible risk assessment using qualitative AND quantitative methods, which roll up into a prioritized list of issues and into a proactive, defensible strategy.


Goal Setting, Business Casing, Implementation Planning

A company may have a sustainability direction it wants to pursue, but is having challenges in driving it into a specific and relevant action plan. Orion GBSC’s experience helps you work through this process to derive a focused implementation plan that is credible and easy to communicate.


Sustainable Sourcing: Materiality, Supply Chain Mapping, Transparency, Traceability, Supplier Engagement, Accountability, Standards, Certification

Orion GBSC leads companies through a proven sequential process to transform their supply chains, from identifying key products /ingredients / materials to focus on, to mapping their sources, to identifying “hot spots” and localized risk levels based on those sources, to implementing supplier engagement, development, data capture, and reporting processes that enable transparency and allow focusing only on the higher risk sources to drive improvements.

Product Development – for Greener and Healthier products

From market assessments and positioning strategies, to attribute definition, product specifications, and supplier evaluation, Orion GBSC helps you to adapt your existing NPD process to incorporate product greening at appropriate stages in your template, and/or manage the development of specific products.


Consumer Branding, Sales Growth Strategies / Action Plans / Results

Extensive experience creating and implementing integrated marketing plans, driving cross functional implementation, and delivering superior sales and profitability results. Orion GBSC’s extensive insights from 15 years of longitudinal consumer insights into adopting greener products, analytics using CRM, CSAT, sales, and geodemograhic data, helps you create / refine credible brands that avoid “greenwashing”, provide tangible sustainability benefits, connect with high potential segments, and drive awareness and ongoing sales growth.

Leadership Development

Businesses competing in complex globally connected marketplaces today need leaders at all levels who “get sustainability” as both a defensive, risk management position as well as an offensive, business growth opportunity. Orion GBSC has broad experience with CEOs, C-suite, other senior executives, and middle management in helping them understand in compelling and relevant ways the business case for action.


Business Development

Broad set of experience helping companies, organizations/non-profits, and new initiatives to gain traction through business development (North America and globally) for support, endorsement, fundraising. Services include shaping the positioning/differentiation strategy, articulating the value proposition, developing targeted prospects lists, creating and delivering pitch presentations, customizing partnership proposals, follow-up and closing, marketing and event plans and implementation.

Integrating Sustainability

Businesses’ commitment to sustainability and results on it will be muted as long as it is treated as an ad hoc set of actions led by external facing departments such as marketing, communications, and government relations. Orion GBSC helps companies develop and implement pathways to integrate sustainability into its core business, without adding costs or complexity, to add value to its operations and results.


Employee Engagement

From educating your employees about the sustainability issues relevant to their roles, to providing tools and data to allow sustainability data to be assessed at parity availability with costs, quality, safety, and supplier service levels, to integrating your company sustainability goals into senior and middle management annual performance evaluation programs, ORION GBSC will help you through it all to effectively integrate sustainability in your business. We can help you with content for employee town hall meetings, development of e-Learning training modules, and messaging for employee intranet sites.


Outsourced Sustainability Executive

SMEs often cannot afford a fulltime business sustainability expert, even when their clients and customers expect action on it. Orion GBSC provides sustainability leadership on an outsourced basis, to define direction and strategy as well as execution plans and implementation assistance. Our deep business expertise means we also add value to your relevant core business functions too.


Workshops, Seminars, Conferences

Extensive experience developing customized workshops, seminars, and conferences for clients based on any of the services and audiences (leadership teams, employees, business partners, suppliers) listed here. From educating and training to visioning and strategy development to creating internal alignment for implementation and results. Services include preparation and agenda development, to content creation, facilitating, presenting, master of ceremonies, moderating, keynote speaches.

Assessing your Facilities Portfolio to identify where to Target your Pilot Successes

When companies are able to overcome the many challenges in piloting new cleantech solutions, they often are not sure which facilities to rollout the new solution to for biggest payback. Orion GBSC will help you efficiently assess your facilities portfolio to identify where to target the implementation of the new solution, based on largest negative variances and resulting higher ROI. 


Aligning Capital Expenditures with Sustainability Goals

Often companies’ capex plans do not include sustainability metrics in their evaluations. Orion GBSC will help you to add relevant metrics to your capital appropriation request templates / process to align your capex decisions with your company sustainability goals.

Selection of Sustainability Metrics and Recommendation on Relevant Certification Standards, Verification, and Assurance

Orion GBSC helps companies to quickly wade through the often daunting set of indicators, metrics, and sustainability certification standards, to help them adopt those most relevant and appropriate to them. We also recommend processes that verify data and provide assurance to your business.

Government Engagement

Governments usually like to base their policies and regulations on some business input. But there is an art to determining credible business input and “asks” from you that provide an actionable compromise. Orion GBSC helps you sort your key messages out, as well as ensuring that you talk to the right level in the right government department.


NGO Engagement

From listening to NGOs issues and translating that for your business, to developing action plans that satisfy their agendas’ responsibly to your business, to answering their surveys, and defending your credible plans/results against their challenges, to choosing which NGOs to partner with, Orion GBSC prepares you for it all.


CSR / Sustainability Reporting

Orion GBSC’s proven success in diving deeper to tell more compelling stories and obtain more substantive data, presented in engaging visual ways can help your reports, internal and external, be more widely read and your company’s performance more broadly understood.