Orion GBSC accommodates clients’ requirements. Most common engagements are:


  • Retainer-based fees – a monthly fee, usually over the course of numerous months, for agreed upon services. This can be especially helpful for clients who seek:

    Feedback on emergent strategy development and creation of implementation plans.

    Assistance to internal teams during implementation (with internal and/or external stakeholders) – for example providing guidance, input/feedback, presentations (in person or via web), and/or group facilitation.

    Ongoing support for significant activities, including Board meetings, C-suite meetings, advisory board meetings, customer and/or supplier support/feedback, proactive communications, and/or crisis communications.


  • Project-based fees – services to deliver prescribed time-bound deliverables according to an agreed upon project brief.


Fees are kept lower through lean overhead and engagement with a trusted global network of Orion GBSC partners.


Consulting Engagement Management

Regardless of the fee model used, Orion GBSC works with the client to finalize a mutually agreed upon proposal that clearly articulates the client’s objectives, the outcomes, the process steps, the measures of success, and the fees. Orion GBSC provides the client regular status update reports as well as proactive conversations to keep the outcomes on track.