Orion GBSC serves clients of many sizes and types all over the world. The commonality is they seek to drive business sustainability, either directly or through engaging and enabling it. Below are some of the client types we serve.

Large Businesses

Orion GBSC provides insights and guidance to internal teams and senior executives, on developing the business case, feedback on existing strategies and execution plans/results, and/or refinement of strategies/implementation plans, and/or creation of new strategies and new implementation plans, and/or feedback on annual external reporting or regular reporting to customers.


Boards of Directors

Orion GBSC believes that every Board should be able to simply and succinctly answer two key questions:

  • What are your business’ key “hot spots” (across not just its direct operations but its supply chain too, not just carbon but other relevant impact categories such as water, waste/toxicity, human health, biodiversity, labour issues, animal welfare) based on an aggregate risk assessment of its environmental and social footprint?

  • What are you doing to address these hot spots in the short to medium term? Actions should include both company-specific and industry collaborations (since most issues are systemic, not unique to a company).

Orion GBSC acts as a catalyst to help Boards proactively (rather than waiting for a crisis) understand the relevant issues, perform and discuss a customized risk assessment, review and align on the business case for action, and identify a path to value creating implementation.


Small and Medium Businesses

Often there is not a dedicated internal team, and senior executives must respond to customer(s)’ pressing requirements, so Orion GBSC acts as a “Rent-a-Sustainability Leader” to provide the full suite of needed services from strategy to implementation and reporting.


Cleantech Companies

Orion GBSC provides assistance sharpening the business plan focus, enhancing the business development proposition and pitch, refining the sales assumptions and forecasts, insights on the global market opportunities.


Financial Services Firms

Orion GBSC provides insights to strengthen client risk assessments.


Marketing Services Agencies

“Greenwashing” is a prevalent problem that Orion GBSC can help agencies to avoid recommending to their clients, through guidance on the creation / evolution of authentic branding, sequencing differentiation/customer benefits communication, definition of “greener” product/service features, ensuring brand credibility enhancement, integrated branding and sales driving campaigns, crisis communication plans, etc.


Trade Associations

Most issues are systemic, rather than unique to a specific company. Orion GBSC, with extensive experience in this aspect globally, assists trade associations and their members to identify and begin implementing collaborative, pre-competitive initiatives that both accelerate and cost reduce members’ progress to improving their business’ sustainability and profitability performance.



Orion GBSC, with deep experience in business-NGO engagement, helps NGOs to understand the targeted businesses’ / sectors’ context, constraints, prevailing mindsets and perceptions, and productive pathways to collaborate with business to advance the NGOs’ agenda and deliver reduced environmental and/or social footprints among targeted businesses.



Orion GBSC, with broad experience in business-government engagement, helps governments at all levels to understand the targeted businesses’ / sectors’ context, constraints, prevailing mindsets and perceptions, and productive pathways to engage with business to inform and advance public policy and regulations that efficiently and effectively deliver reduced environmental and/or social footprints among targeted businesses.



Orion GBSC can help with curriculum design, content development, case study preparation, class lectures/presentations, cross faculty planning, and development/implementation of business engagement plans. Past engagements have included Queen’s University, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, and York University.